Thayne Highlander

17 year old almost Jedi - his master/teacher was killed during order 66


Thayne Highlander – 17 years old – 6’ 180 – dirty blonde hair and green eyes

Star Wars – Seasoned – Human

Agility D8
Smarts D6
Spirit D8
Strength D4
Vigor D6

6 pace – 4 parry – 3 toughness – 2 charisma

D10 Force
D10 Fighting
D10 Shooting
D10 Knowledge Force
D6 Piloting
D8 Stealth

Lightsaber – blaster pistol – blast helmet & vest – Com link – liquid cable disp – 2 glow rods
black and brown robes – cloak – 2 sided black and brown

Hindrances: Code of Honor – Loyal – Curious


Arcane Background Force
Jedi Padawan
Jedi Knight
Charisma +2


Mind Trick 3
Force Stun 2
Telekenisis 5

Points 15

3 Languages

Jedi Padawan
+2 Force Rolls
Lightsaber Form Shii Cho

Jedi Knight
Have Lightsaber
Lightsaber trademark weapon +1 fighting
+5 power points

Skill Force:

Sense the Force
Sense Life
Search your Feelings
Move Object
Hear my Thoughts

3 Bennies


Thayne Highlander:

Thayne Highlander is the adopted son of Karris and Greta Highlander. The Highlanders had 4 children – 2 of their own – and two adopted children – Thayne and Takkara. The Highlanders were workers for a terra-forming company and worked hard setting up atmospheres for planets to be inhabited and often stripped and mined for their resources. Having a dull and tiresome job – the Highlanders took joy in their children. The Highlanders adopted Thayne when he was 6 – and he remained with them until he was 10.

The Highlanders travelled all over the galaxy terra forming new uninhabited planets and cleaning up damaged planets. It did not take the Highlander’s long to realize that Thayne was not like their other children. He could see things that happened in the future – and he could move things with his mind. He was also quite a natural warrior. Some backwater planets called Thayne a warlock or mystic and he was somewhat persecuted for his powers – but eventually an old hermit on a world they were working on – told them “the boy is strong in the force.”

6 months later after an accident gravely wounded his mother – the family ended up on Alderan/ Corresant ??? – and Thayne was discovered by none other than Obi Wan Kenobi. Obi Wan already having an apprentice – convinced Karris Highlander to let the boy be apprenticed as a padawan learner under Jedi Knight Varian Dane. Thayne was Padawan to Varian Dane for 7 years – up until a short time ago when Master Varian was betrayed by Mandolorean bounty hunters and slain.

Thayne takes being a Jedi Knight deadly seriously. He hates the empire and emperor – though he has anger over the loss of his mentor – he has never succumbed to the Dark Side. He typically follows the Jedi rules – though he carries a blaster for those occasions when it is absolutely needed. The one area that sometimes gets Thayne in trouble is a pretty face. Thayne does not agree with the code that Jedi should be celebate and loveless. Perhaps order 66 gives him a chance to let that part of the Jedi code fall by the wayside – at least for him. After all – he can handle it.

Varian Dane was a problem solver for the Jedi and travelled a great deal across the Galaxies. So Thayne is pretty well travelled for a young man. It was on their last problem solving mission that he met Ari Sundar as she helped him escape from the Mandolorean bounty hunters – Thayne thought she seemed different and out of place from her vicious people. They have travelled together a short time and now find themselves with the group.

Young Jedi Thayne Highlander was part of a Republic task force dealing with an incursion by the Ssi-ruuk when he saw his master slain by Clone Troopers following Order 66. During the battle, Ari Sundar decided to leave her people, and Thayne had mercy on her.

Thayne Highlander

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